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We live in a visual and mobile society. So naturally, brands must tap into virtual Imagemarketing in order to make the greatestamount of impact on consumers in the shortest amount of time. Embracing the saying  “a picture says a thousands words” is essential in a space such as Twitter when you only have 140 characteristics to reach your audience. So utilizing a visual content discovery platform would be in every brands best interest. A simple visual platform that every company should be utilizing to help build their brand is Instagram.

Instagram is by far one of my favorite content discovery and collecting platforms. Instagram provides the perfect outlet for brands to post photos/ videos, which gives consumers a better insight on the brand. Most importantly, brands can search popular #hashtags or create campaigns with a #specifichashtag to instantly connect with users. They can then repost and feature consumers content on the brands home page. This is a great tactic for consumer engagement and allows the consumers to tell the brands story. This gains insight to how consumers are directly using products, see what is being said and allows brands to dramatically improve the connection with the users.


GoPro is a brand that not only does an incredible job at building a brand on Instagram but they seamlessly connect with their costumers. GoPro is brand that makes one of the best cameras in the world for adventure seekers and markets the camera as virtually indestructible. Instagram is the perfect outlet for GoPro to market the beautiful photos taken from the camera. Personally, I was always skeptical about GoPro’s claims of being “high quality” in high action environments esspecial in water sports. It wasn’t until I went on GoPro’s Instagram feed and saw users incredible photos featured on the GoPro page. It was the other customers photo’s that sold me on the product, not specifically GoPro. GoPro does an excellent job at featuring posts from consumers that use the hashtag #GoPro.  This encourages users who use GoPro to use the #hashtag to have the chance to be featured on the Instagram homepage.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.01.17 PMBy creating this challenge, GoPro can easily monitor what is being posted about them on in the Instagram community. Not only is this challenge beneficial to GoPro but it creates a large following on the page. They get thousands of likes on photos posted by other users a matter of hours. The GoPro photo of the day challenges is beneficial to customers who want to connect with other users and potential customers can easily see how incredible GoPro photos are.  GoPro is by far one of my favorite brands on Instagram. They take this remarkably simple platform and set endless possibilities to connect with customers.


4 thoughts on “Instagram > Pinterest

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  2. Gopro utilizes visual platforms perfectly. What better way to market an action-oriented camera than showing just that? Skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking, surfing, deep-sea diving…these are all things that gopro’s target market does. Not only does gopro’s instagram account enhance the lifestyle brand, it also shows exactly what the product can do at the same time. If a person considering buying a gopro camera is a skydiver, they can search hashtags like #gopro #skydiving and see exactly how the brand and other users are using the product to enhance their lifestyle. Also, featuring photo competitions encourages and reminds consumers to not only use their product but interact and engage with other followers at the same time. This brand does an amazing job at bringing a lifestyle brand to life through the use of photos. Seems simple, and it is, but the way they use instagram and other visual platforms seems effortless.

    Great example!

  3. Interesting stuff, I never even thought of Instagram from a content discovery platform. I don’t ever really use it to connect to brands – for me, it’s more of a photo editing and sharing tool – but, I guess if brands can figure out a way to connect to the user and bust out some great content then I wouldn’t see why Instagram couldn’t bring in the goods in terms of marketing. Looks like I have to spend more time on Instagram.

  4. I completely agree with you when you talk about GoPro and how well they are using Instagram. I always look forward to their photos and videos. Especially with the hashtags, #GoPro is something many of my friends hashtag in their instagram posts that came from their GoPro camera. GoPro is for sure doing it right.

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